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Qingzhou Mingzeng Greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd., located in the capital of flower in the north -- Qingzhou Huanglou Industrial Park, is a greenhouse construction company which has the greenhouse construction experience for many years and engages the design and construction of the greenhouse and its supporting facilities. It could conduct the processing of the sunlight greenhouse, glass greenhouse, multi-span greenhouse, ecological restaurant, greenhouse accessories and greenhouse engineering effect diagram, the construction of new type of greenhouse of floriculture, the professional maintenance of various greenhouses; It could also produce the high-ridge


  • Scheme design

    The perfect and matched process equipment forms the reliable security of our development and are deeply trusted and praised by the users.

  • The price is affordable

    We customize the scheme regardless of the project, and you could obtain good product and excellent service at a lower price in a short time.

  • Complete supporting facility

    Processing and manufacturing of greenhouse framework and separate accessories, irrigation, sunshade supplementary lighting fertilization culture of seedling, control, etc.

  • After-sales service

    We are uniformly appraised by the greenhouse construction party by virtue of good equipment technology and good service.

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