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The glass greenhouse refers to a greenhouse that uses glass as a lighting material and belongs to a greenhouse. In the cultivation facility, the glass greenhouse is a form of long service life and is suitable for use in various regions and climatic conditions. In the industry, the size of the span and the size of the open room are divided into different construction models, and they are divided into different types of use: vegetable glass greenhouse, flower glass greenhouse, nursery glass greenhouse, ecological glass greenhouse, scientific research glass greenhouse, stereo glass greenhouse, and special shape. Glass greenhouses, leisure glass greenhouses, smart glass greenhouses, etc. Its area and use can be freely adjusted by the main greenhouse. The small courtyard has a leisure type. The large height can reach more than 8 meters, the span can reach 12 meters, and the opening can reach 8 meters. The intelligence can reach one-button control. In the winter heating of glass greenhouses, a variety of heating methods can be used, and the energy consumption costs are medium and can be accepted.

Features of the glass greenhouse:

1 The lighting area is large and the light is even.

2 Longer use time and higher strength.

3 has strong anti-corrosion and flame retardancy.

4 More than 90% of light transmission, and does not decay with time.

Greenhouse structure:

The main structure is made of hot-dip galvanized pipe. The covering material is made of sun plate, ordinary or hollow glass. It is inlaid with aluminum alloy profile for greenhouse. The joint between the edge and the aluminum alloy profile is sealed with ethylene-propylene rubber strip.

Glass greenhouse ventilation

The purpose of ventilation in the greenhouse is mainly to eliminate the residual heat of the greenhouse and the moisture in the greenhouse, adjust the air content in the greenhouse, eliminate harmful gases, and make the conditions such as ambient temperature, humidity and air in the greenhouse suitable for plant growth.

Glass greenhouse heating

In the glass greenhouses in northern China, it is necessary to warm in winter, otherwise it will not be produced in winter. The warming time of the greenhouse is different. It takes about 5 months to 6 months to warm up in the northeast and 3 months to 5 months in the north of China. Planting flowers or nursery in the southern region also requires warming or temporary warming.

Greenhouse configuration

The composition of the glass greenhouse is mainly composed of the greenhouse greenhouse (mainly steel structure), the covering material is glass (divided into tempered glass and ordinary glass), intelligent management system, fan cooling curtain-based cooling ventilation system, inside and outside Insulation sunshade system and spare parts! According to the regional differences in the environment and the use of specific customers, why is there such a large price gap? In fact, this is in the environment of different places, the demand is different, the construction materials will appear double the price difference: for example, if it is pure vegetable cultivation, then choose the recommended glass greenhouse, and make reasonable cost in aesthetics. reduce. However, if it is placed in a tourist scenic spot or an ecological park, the fruit and vegetable planting and picking base, and the demand for picking and visiting by urban tourists, it may be necessary to select a double-glazed glass and a cooling and cooling system on the construction materials. A square of around 500 yuan can be achieved! Secondly, if the use of glass greenhouses in the suburbs for the development of ecological restaurants, the natural requirements for various construction materials are on the previous level. For example, glass should choose double-layer tempered glass, intelligent cooling and insulation system, etc. !