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Qingzhou Mingzeng Greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd., located in the capital of flower in the north -- Qingzhou Huanglou Industrial Park, is a greenhouse construction company which has the greenhouse construction experience for many years and engages the design and construction of the greenhouse and its supporting facilities. It could conduct the processing of the sunlight greenhouse, glass greenhouse, multi-span greenhouse, ecological restaurant, greenhouse accessories and greenhouse engineering effect diagram, the construction of new type of greenhouse of floriculture, the professional maintenance of various greenhouses; It could also produce the high-ridge, large-span and large-bay width ecological restaurant greenhouse which has special construction type, beautiful appearance modeling, and wide internal vision and is capacious and bright. The designed products are appraised by the greenhouse users. 

Qingzhou Mingzeng Greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd. stands out among the wide greenhouse engineering companies and other greenhouse construction companies by virtue of good services and supporting facilities and perfect after-sale service. With the construction experience of the greenhouse, pc sunshine panel greenhouse, ecological dinner greenhouse, new type of greenhouse and glass greenhouse for many years, it is praised by the majority of the new and regular customers! 

Qingzhou Mingzeng Greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd. has diverse product specification, and could process dozens of supporting products of greenhouse such as the glass, Polyester plate, thin film, framework products, internal and external sunshade, seedbed, wet screen-air blower, etc. which could adapt the climate from the south to the north. 

We could also design and process the greenhouse as per the users' requirement or do that on behalf of others as per the terrain and other buildings' overlapping need. 

Qingzhou Mingzeng Greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd., by insisting the "customers' success is our success", helps the customers to construct the foundation, focuses on the subsequent service of the built foundation, and helps the customers to plant and develop the foundation. Qingzhou Mingzeng Greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd. solves the customers' problems in the foundation construction, vegetables, flower seed selection, seedling culture, plantation management, recovery and distribution of vegetables and flowers. By virtue of good construction technology of greenhouse of vegetables and flowers, we are willing to jointly develop new tomorrow of vegetable and flower plantation with the greenhouse preparation personnel in all places!