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After-sales mingzeng greenhouse

I. Quality assurance services 

1. The company has an after-sales maintenance team. If the quality problems exist in the project, we will reply within 8 hours after receiving the customer's notice. If the problems shall be processed on site, our company's after-sales personnel will arrive at the site for verification, investigation and processing within 2 days (the duration will be prolonged correspondingly as per the actual condition in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other remote areas). We are responsible for repairing and replacing materials or accessories within the quality guarantee period; If the after-sale period exceeds the quality guarantee period, we would also provide the wearing parts and other fittings for free. 

2. The company's after-sales service personnel patrol the engineering irregularly, guide the customers' base personnel to repair the greenhouse for free and provide the greenhouse maintenance opinion. 

II. Technical guidance 

The customers at the newly-established base don't know the plantation in general, and the output is often low in one year, even there is no output. So we would assign one technician with the plantation experience for over 15 years to the customers who guides the plantation for free and helps the customers to achieve the maximum price. 

III. Free talent training 

In recent years, the greenhouse plantation scale increases in large area. But due to the shortage of agricultural technology personnel, the management isn't in place and the output couldn't be improved. Its revenue has great difference with that in Qingzhou area.  

IV. Ordering agriculture 

The customers could face the difficulty in sales in general, and we are devoted to researching how to help the customers to successfully construct the base all the times. We develop the order agriculture and proactively promote: the production, supply and sales model of the company + farm household +base, and achieve the ordering before production, confirm the output as per sales, promote output as per sales so that the customers could solve the sales problems before plantation.