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Ecological restaurant

Ecological restaurant

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Eco-restaurant, also known as green restaurant, is a new leisure concept advocated by modern city. It is the pursuit of healthy eating and the yearning for pastoral scenery in recent years. A new type of catering model has emerged with the continuous improvement of living standards. Improve, people are more and more yearning for rural fields. The advantage of eco-restaurants and traditional restaurants is to pay more attention to the harmony between people and nature. The green balance between people and the environment is through the organic integration of modern intelligent greenhouses and original ecological landscapes. A comfortable, green and healthy dining environment, and through the control of temperature and humidity to reach the four seasons like spring. Let people in the noisy city have a relaxed, pleasant, airy dining environment.

The ecological restaurant we built has overcome the drawbacks of easy greenhouse condensation and small field of vision. With the concept of large space, comfort and environmental protection, we have designed and developed high roof ridges, large spans and large spaces. The covering materials are made of glass or PC. The board has a beautiful appearance, a magnificent atmosphere, and an open interior, spacious and bright. Staying in it, you can feel the charm of the countryside and enjoy the delicious food.